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Beer Taps


-All guests who sample beer must be 21 years of age, with valid identification for age verification.

-For safety and sanitary purposes, please wear closed-toed shoes for the tour.

-Tours depart at the time specified on your ticket. Please try to arrive 10-15 minutes early to check in and be ready for an on-time departure. No Black Mountain Ale Trail tour will leave more than 10 minutes after the specified tour time. If you miss the tour start by more than 10 minutes you will still be charged for the tour. (See Cancellation Policy below.)

-Admission to the tour is left to the discretion of the tour’s designated Ale Blazer. Guests who arrive already intoxicated, or who are acting in a way that is disrespectful or disruptive to the other guests, will be turned away with no refund.

-Guests should be prepared to be at least slightly intoxicated by the end of the tour. Black Mountain Ale Trail is not responsible for post-tour transport. Have a plan in place to get to your next destination safely after the tour ends. DO NOT DRIVE DRUNK.

Release and Waiver

By purchasing a ticket for admission to a tour operated by Black Mountain Ale Trail LLC (‘Operator’), I (‘Participant’) acknowledge and agree to the following:

  1. I (‘Participant’) assume and accept all risks associated with, and in any way related to, participation in the tours of Black Mountain Ale Trail LLC (‘Operator’), including but not limited to injury while boarding or exiting a vehicle used for the tour or other arranged transport, incident occurring inside or on the premises of an included brewery, or any other property that Participant may find themselves on as part of the normal activities of the tour. Participant acknowledges and voluntarily assume the risks of illness, injury, or death that are associated with these activities, inherent or otherwise, including but not limited to: impairment, intoxication, or alcohol poisoning from alcohol consumed on the tour, regardless of whether voluntary or through coercion; the possibility of personal injury, whether caused by Participant or someone else; injuries, death, or property damage that occurs while traveling to any destination after participating in the Operator’s tours, including the risks that arise from operating heavy machinery/vehicles after the consumption of alcohol.

  2. I (‘Participant’) am solely responsible for any injury, loss, or damage sustained, even though the injury, loss, or damage may have been caused by the negligence of Black Mountain Ale Trail LLC (‘Operator’). Participant agrees to follow the instructions given by the designated Ale Blazer for the tour, and understands that accident and injury may occur despite following the instructions of the designated Ale Blazer. Participant acknowledges that the Ale Blazer and Operator reserve the right to remove them from the tour at the Ale Blazer or Operator’s discretion.

  3. I (‘Participant’) release Black Mountain Ale Trail LLC (‘Operator’), its staff, owners, directors, volunteers, independent contractors, representatives, and owners of all property on which Operator conducts its tours (all mentioned and released parties henceforth collectively referred to as ‘Released Parties’) from any and all liability for any loss, damage, expense, injury, or death that Participant may suffer from presence on this tour. This release extends to claims arising from any cause, including but not limited to negligence of a Released Party, breach of contract, product failure, and breach of duty by Operator and its staff to protect Participant from risks associated with the Activity. This release does not include gross negligence or intentionally wrongful/harmful behavior by Operator, or any of the previously Released Parties.

  4. I (‘Participant’) hold harmless and indemnify each of the Released Parties from liability for any claim of damage to person or property, including death, of Participant and/or any third party, including but not limited to family and co-participants, arising from or in any way related to participation in Black Mountain Ale Trail LLC’s tours and activities.

  5. I (‘Participant’) accept responsibility for any and all expenses that result from participation in Black Mountain Ale Trail LLC’s tours and activities. Participant agrees that the laws of the state of North Carolina which apply to the jurisdiction in which Black Mountain Ale Trail LLC is to operate shall govern this agreement, and that courts with jurisdiction in Buncombe County or McDowell County shall have jurisdiction over any dispute between Participant and Operator, depending on the location at which the basis of the dispute occurred. Participant hereby waives the right to trial by jury. Should any part of this agreement be determined invalid by a court of the proper jurisdiction, all unrelated portions of the agreement remain valid and enforceable.

I (‘Participant’) have read and fully understand this agreement. Participant is aware that, by accepting this agreement, Participant is waiving the rights they or their heirs, relatives, executors, administrators, or representatives may have.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

Black Mountain Ale Trail LLC is a locally owned and operated company. It is important we know the number of participants we have for a given tour ahead of time to coordinate with the participating breweries. Because of this, you must inform us of any changes in attendance for you or your party so that we can inform our breweries, as well as give newly available seats to other potential guests. Our participating breweries also rely on Black Mountain Ale Trail’s tours adhering to a fairly reliable timeline, allowing them to prepare for our arrival, and so we rely on your timely arrival to allow us to adhere to that timeline and to sustain a positive relationship with our participating breweries. In the interest of respect to those breweries, and respect to other participating guests, we have the following cancellation policies and procedures in place:

Our online payment system automatically charges a small processing fee for all transactions. For this reason, your "full refund" amount will be the amount paid at the time of booking LESS the processing fee.

All cancellations will receive a refund of the amount paid at the time of booking, less this processing fee. Any cancellation made less than 48 hours prior to the tour’s scheduled departure time will receive a refund of the amount paid at the time of booking, less the processing fee for the transaction, and an additional $5 short-notice cancellation fee.

No-shows will not receive any refund.

To cancel a reservation, please contact Black Mountain Ale Trail by phone, at (828) 708-0229, or by email at

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