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We booked the Ale tour as a birthday present for a friend. We had an absolute blast! Siler was an excellent tour guide. I almost feel like I could brew my own now! I would highly recommend this tour!!

Tracey H., 4/16/2022

I found the tour on Instagram and immediately booked for our New Years Eve destination. We had the best time. Siler was amazing. Not only was he knowledgeable he was friendly and easy to talk to. Highly recommend for a fun and engaging day! We will be back! Thank you, Siler (o:

Lisa B., 1/2/2022

Amazing tour! The tour guide was attentive and knowledgeable, both about beer and about the greater Asheville area. My partner and I felt totally taken care of the whole way through. We visited three of the best breweries in the area, got to meet and talk to the owners and/or GMs of each, sample a few beers, and see the area! Overall, a great way to expand your beer horizons, meet some cool people, and see/learn about the area.

Claire, 1/1/2022

What a fantastic outing with our fun and knowledgeable ale trail guide, Siler! We’re somewhat familiar with the area but now know more about the breweries, restaurants, and local history. We will definitely book more ale trail adventures when we have friends and family visit the area! Thanks again for our fun time!

Carol D., 12/28/2021

I live in black mountain and have been in Asheville for 10 years. This tour was so much fun! We all had a blast!

Joey A., 12/12/2021

My husband and I took our trip to tour Asheville but fell in love with Black Mountain. So much so, that we never made it to Asheville. During lunch, I contacted Black Mountain Ale Trail Tour. Siler Sloan was fantastic. He was able to fit us into a tour that very afternoon. We tried multiple flavors of brew, went to 3 breweries and saw beautiful scenery while on the bus. Highly recommend the Black Mountain Ale Trail Tour. We had a great time! We will be back and do it again.

Angelic J., 11/21/2021

Living in the Asheville area I've had the chance to visit many of the breweries in the area. This tour, however, was a great way to visit breweries that are a little more off the beaten path. The beer was great and varied. The tour was not only fun, but it was informative about the beer and the area. I've lived in the Asheville area for 35 years, and I still learned much.

Ross S., 11/20/2021

Easily one of the best ale trails that I have done thus far. Our beer was delicious, our guide was extremely informative, and the atmosphere was spot on. Such a fun way to get know the area, whether you're a newcomer or a frequenter. I would highly recommend to any and all to add this to your bucket list.

Olivia A., 11/18/2021

The Ale Trail is a great way to see and try local beer whether you're brand new to town or are native to the area. The guide and servers were hospitable, warm, and engaging, and not only did I drink some of the best beer in the state, but I learned the details of how it is made and the techniques on how to properly taste it! This is a must-do!

Mary G., 10/27/2021

"We had such a great time on the Black Mountain Ale Trail! Our guide was very knowledgeable and taught us lots of interesting facts about beer and the breweries we visited. All three breweries have a wide variety of beer and I loved that we got to try some styles that I don’t normally go for. 10/10 would go again!"

Laura C., 10/25/2021

I had such a blast on the Black Mountain Ale Trail! The guide was so knowledgeable about the breweries, the brews and the area. I especially liked hearing about the local history, how the breweries were started, and the biggest beer influences. We had a great time at all the breweries, and the scenic drives were absolutely gorgeous! It would have been worth it just to take that drive down the mountain alone. Is there anything more beautiful than Appalachia in all her colors? I feel like I really discovered some hidden gems on the trip, and I will have to go back to visit those breweries again. I’ve been in the area for a while now, and I will definitely take friends out with me next time. What a great way to introduce someone to the beer capital of the world!

Cecil M., 10/25/2021

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